open data c6 price gun

Open Data C6 Price Gun – The Rolls Royce Price Gun


Product Description

The Open Data C6 price gun offers the highest build quality and construction on the market. Superior in every way to every other price gun on the market, the Open Data C6 Price gun is the Rolls Royce of the label gun market.

With its high-quality finish, the Open C6 is a lifetime purchase; often achieving over 20 years of service.

The open data c6 label gun has a single row consisting of 6 characters. This makes it ideal for either price gun use or as a date coding gun for short period date coding. Like other price guns on the market, the combined handle and lever of the label gun will print your label and eject it from the front base of the gun. This makes the price gun incredibly easy to operate.

Setting the print on the label is child’s play. The user simply pulls the crown dial of the print head and uses the selector to choose the column they wish to adjust. Rotating the crown moves the band around its rollers and presents it on the printing plate inside the pricing gun. Once all columns are set, the user need only re-seat the crown and they are good to go.

Open Data C6 Price Gun Service Promise

When you buy your 2612 labels and open data label guns from us we will support you and keep everything running smoothly. If you have any problems with your label gun, we will happily service the label gun for you – just send it to us and we will return it repaired and like new. (Obviously if the price gun is broken to an extreme extent, we won’t be able to fix it!)