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label guns and label gun labels have over 20 years experience selling price guns, label guns and label gun labels.

We sell a range of label guns and label gun labels, specialising in Danro, Swing and Open Data label guns.

We sell label guns and labels for all kinds of use. You can have blank labels or custom pre-printed labels in a range of paper and ink colours.

These can be used for pricing, date coding, batch numbering, best before/batch and a range of other uses. We manufacture all our labels in-house in the UK using our own printing presses. We can make your label gun labels to order in standard colours or using fluorescent stock. If you choose to have your labels pre-printed, we can overprint with any colour you like.

All artwork can be completed in-house free of charge using our dedicated team. Printing plates are only £18 for most labels so if you want something unique, it will not break the bank.

Call us on 03333 232243 to discuss your requirements or order directly from our online shop.

We manufacture our own label gun labels in a range of sizes – all the most popular for use in retail and industry alike.

Label Guns and Label Gun Labels: What to use:

1 Line Labels 2 Line Labels 3 Line Labels
Suitable for:
Swing or Open Data
C6, C8, S10, S10 Date
Suitable for:
Swing or Open Data
C16, C17, C20, CA20, CA20A
Danro 2616
Suitable for:
Open T117, T111
1910 Labels
2212 Punch Hole Labels
One Line Labels or 2612 Wavey Edge Labels
2616 Labels 2928 Labels

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