Blank Labels

Blank labels for your label guns can be useful where you do not need to declare the purpose of the label or it is self evident. Alternatively, if you are overlabelling pre-printed product labels, blank labels can be used as the pre-print declares the function. For example, an egg box label that you overlabel with a best before date.

All our labels are made in house in Melbourne, Derbyshire. We do not ship in from Italy, China or India like so many of our competitors. This means you get the quality of product you want, at a great price. You also know the items haven’t been shipped around the world to get to you – minimising the environmental impact.

Our labels come in a range of options including face colour, text colour and adhesive type.

Select from a range of colours for bespoke labels such as white, yellow, blue, green, red and pink. Our stock labels are available in white or yellow colours to suit your needs. Other colours may need printing to order. All our inks are water soluble, colour fast and non-toxic.

Choose from removable, permanent or freezer grade adhesives to meet the needs of the working environment for your labels. All adhesives are PVA based and biodegradable.

Our labels are made with a paper known as “vellum”, all sourced from within the UK to keep our prices low.

Suitable for a range of price guns including all the 1 line label guns and 2 line label guns available here at

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