26 x 12mm CT4 Price Gun Labels – One Line Blank Labels




CT4 Price Gun Labels – 26 x 12mm Blank Labels Sold in multiples of 45,000 labels (30 rolls)

Labelguns.co.uk manufacture 2612 Blank Labels for use in our range of 1 line label guns.

We use high-quality materials and adhesives to make your 2612 blank labels so you can be assured of quality. The CT4 labels are offered in a range of colours and print finishes.

CT4 price gun labels are supplied inside wound on rolls of 1,500. We supply blank labels from stock in quantities of 45,000. Stock colours are restricted. If you have bespoke labels (i.e. printed or prepared to order) in boxes of 60 rolls – 90,000 labels per box. If you want something specific, give us a call on 01332 864895

26 x 12mm CT4 Price Gun Labels: Materials, Colours and Adhesives

We manufacture the CT4 labels on a vellum material from Europe’s leading paper manufacturers, although we can supply in other grades too such as semi-gloss or plasticised material. Vellum is a matt material.

2612 pricing gun labels are supplied in many colours.

Adhesives that are available for your CT4 labels are:
Permanent which cures and is fast to the object it is applied to. This is most common and we hold these in stock.
Removable adhesive is suitable for gift and items that you may wish to remove the label from at a later time.
Freezer adhesive is a strong adhesive that will remain adhered to an item placed in a freezer down to -18oC

Blank labels can be used for virtually any application with the single line label guns: Swing C6, Swing C8 or Swing S10

Fluorescent Labels

We can supply fluorescent blank labels but the cost of material varies all the time. As we manufacture the labels to order, you should call us on 01332 864895 directly if you would like a quote for fluorescent blank labels. Alternatively, you can complete the form below and we will get back to you.

Fluorescent labels are available in a range of 4 standard colours (although others may be obtainable). THe four colours are Yellow, Green, Orange and Red. Unfortunately, we cannot represent fluorescent papers on screen so we have no images. We can assure you the labels are very obvious and striking to the eye!

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Freezer, Permanent, Removable

Paper Colour

Blue, Cream, Green, Pale Blue, Pale Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow