Our Products

Labelguns.co.uk offer a range of label guns and label gun labels for sale to the public. The characters include a range of glyphs including numerics, punctuation marks, and indicators such as “£”, “$”, “p”, “/” or “Ea”. Not all bands will include all characters.

Label guns

Label guns come in three main variants, 1 line, 2 line and 3 line variations.

One Line Label Guns

A 1 line label gun has one row of characters. Depending on the number of characters in the row, you will be able to use the label gun to print prices, dates or other codes. One line label guns are ideal for use in retail for pricing goods. You can also use them for simplified date coding and batch number labelling. Generally speaking, unless you are using a special band set up, one line label guns come in 6, 8 or 10 character variants.

6 character label guns include the Open Data or Swing C6 label gun, 8 character label guns include the Open Data or Swing C8, 10 character guns include the Swing S10.

One line labels guns we sell generally use a so called 2612 wavey edge label and you will be familiar with these from retail outlets. Other label guns (such as the Danro 1910 or Danro 2212 Punch Hole sold by our sister company Danro, use different size labels). The Open Data M6 is a specialised large text label gun that uses a 2612 label.

Two Line Label Guns

A 2 line label gun has two rows of characters that are independent of one another. The user can select a combination for the top row and another combination for the bottom row. The number of characters on the top and bottom rows can be different. Generally, the size of the characters is dictated by the number of characters in the row.

We offer a range of 2 line label guns from Swing and Open Data. These are named C16, C17, C20, CA20 and CA20A:

2 Line Label Gun Code Top Row Characters Bottom Row Characters
C16 10 6
C17 10 7
C20 10 10
CA20 10 alphanumeric 10
C20A 10 10 Alphanumeric
CA20A 10 alphanumeric 10 alphanumeric

Three Line Label Guns

We offer two three line label guns. These can print three rows of data and are suitable for complex labelling at low cost. The three line label guns use 2928 labels measuring 29mm wide and 28mm tall. We can print 2928 labels for you to order.

The Open Data T111 three line label gun consists of three rows of 10 characters. These can be configured as you like.

The Open Data T111 three line label gun consists of thwo rows of 10 characters (top and middle) and one bottom row of 7 characters in a slight larger font size. Again, the bands can be configured to your specification.