2 Line Label Guns

Labelguns.co.uk have over 20 years of experience supplying 1 and 2 line label guns and 1 and 2 label gun labels. Our range of 2 line label guns are ideal for use in retail for pricing and date labelling, best before batch number labelling and “was now” price labelling.

Two line label guns have two rows of alphanumeric characters so are ideal for price reduction labelling. Coupled with pre-printed 26x16mm labels, you can use them for pricing and “best before” or “use by” labelling for perishable goods. To monitor production quality control, you can also use them for batch coding to help identify quality issues.

We supply 2 types of Swing Label Guns. They use a common naming structure – C17 and C20. The number tells you how many bands the label gun has. C17 has 10 on the top row and 7 on the bottom row. C20s have have 10 characters on both rows. The “C” stands for “character”.

If you require special bands, we can offer these at an additional cost of £3 per band. Call us to find out more.

Using 2 line label guns is childsplay and instructions on use are included in the packaging.
Loading: Open the label gun and place the roll of labels on the bobbin. Feed labels through past the baseplate outlet opening and close.
Adjust: Pull the crown on each print head and twist to select the appropriate characted. Pulling the crown out allows you to select each individual band.
Print and Apply: Pull the lever and handle together in a single squeezing action. This inks the bands and impresses them upon the label, then ejects the label, separated from the liner and presented ready for application. That’s it!

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